Modern Staircase to Private Rooftop, Arlington VA 22209
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The modern staircase in this 4 level elegant townhouse allows light to disperse nicely inside the spacious open floor plan. The balustrade’s design elements (fusion of metal and wood) that owners chose to compliment their gleaming hardwood floors and stunning kitchen, not only adds a sleek and solid physical dimension, it also makes this vertical space a very attractive focal point that invites them and their guests to go up and down their beautifully decorated home. Also featured in this home is a sophisticated 20ft long sliding glass cabinet with walnut casework and stainless steel accents crafted by The Proper Carpenter; With a growing team of creative designers, skilled craftsmen, and latest technology, Century Stair Company continues building strong relationships with Washington DC top builders and architectural firms. Copyright © 2016 Century Stair Company All Rights Reserved